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Lansing Community College Library

Reference & Instruction Guide: Appointment

Policies, procedures, best practices and training guide, for reference and instruction services.

Appointment Reference Service

Provides private, personalized and uninterrupted research assistance for 30 minutes, including plans for next steps in research to foster independent learning.

Learn more on the Meet with a Librarian webpage on the Library website. 

Service Model & Delivery

Service Model

  • First Come, first served basis
  • Patrons use self-service booking available on our website
  • Patron's receive an personalized appointment with a librarian to discuss their research needs
  • Librarians will offer suggestions, clarification, and relevant resources, along with next steps for the patron
  • Courses that wish to embed the service into assignments or courses will work with the Information Literacy Librarian or Online Learning Librarian.

Delivery Method

  • WebEx 
  • Phone
  • Face to Face appointments can be directed to the research help desk


  • Appointments start on the hour and there is a built-in buffer of 30 minutes between appointments.
  • Consultations should last between 20 to 40 minutes. Occasionally appointments may run longer than 40 minutes, but librarians should aim for 30 minutes.  
  • Appointment times will be available for every semester, with extra availability during times of high demand. 

Patron Expectations

To obtain a private, personalized and uninterrupted 30 minute research help session.

Help may include:

  • know how to select the best resources for their assignment
  • accessing and navigating electronic resources
  • developing search strategies
  • evaluating sources
  • citing sources

Students should leave the session with a plan for next steps to continue their research.  As well as to all options for follow-up or future research help.

Patron Scheduling

Patrons can self-schedule a research appointment using the online scheduler and completing the form. The link to the online scheduler can be found on the “Meet with a Librarian” webpage. It is also listed under the Ask A Librarian Help options.  

Patrons should: 

  • Schedule 24hrs in advance 

  • Upload a copy of the assignment or note information about topics 

  • Provide contact information 

Patrons will receive an automatic reply to their request that contains: 

  • Dates and time for the appointment 

  • WebEx Meeting link 

  • Cancellation link 

Patrons will receive a reminder email 24hrs in advance of the scheduled appointment. 

When a patron schedules an appointment, the librarian will receive a notification email. 

Best Practices

Prior to the appointment 

  • Add scheduled appointments to Outlook Calendars 

  • Prepare for the appointment by reviewing the form and any uploaded documents. 

  • Consider potential resources and tools that could be shared with the patron. 

During the appointment 

  • Arrive a few minutes early in the WebEx room. Wait at least 10 minutes for the student to show-up. 

  • Discuss with the patron their research needs though a brief reference interview and give an overview of the appointment and outcomes. 

  • Ask if the patron would like to share their screen or if they would rather have the librarian share their screen in WebEx. 

  • Recap at the end of the session and discuss next steps. 

  • Remind students how to get additional help. 

After the appointment 

  • Record if the patron showed up by selecting the radio button in your LibCal Appointments page. 

  • Send follow-up emails if necessary. 

Librarian Availability

Librarians are responsible for adding availability in the LibCal Appointments module every semester.
  • Librarians will split their evening shifts between the research help desk and appointments.
  • In addition to scheduled evening hours, librarians will select 2 to 4 hours of daytime availability for appointments. These hours are decided by each individual librarian and documented on the Sharepoint Excel Spreadsheet.
  • For detailed instructions on adding appointment availability in LibCal, see the Sharepoint-Reference-Appointments-Procedures-LibCal Appointment Scheduling