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Lansing Community College Library

Reference & Instruction Guide: Home

Policies, procedures, best practices and training guide, for reference and instruction services.

Guide Purpose

  • Provides librarians access to the library's reference and instruction services policies and procedures.
  • Shares ideas for additional reading and other activities based on the librarian's experience or interest.
  • Serves as a checklist for new librarians and their mentors to chart progress through the training topics.

Library Key Messages

  • LCC Library provides students and employees with reliable, on-demand access to current, trustworthy information in a vast array of formats.
  • Our knowledgeable and professional staff promotes a comfortable atmosphere for learning, teaching, and relaxing through friendly, personalized service.
  • LCC Library supports students and faculty with a collection of current resources that reflect diverse viewpoints, support the curriculum, and contribute to student success.
  • LCC Library enhances student success and employment by teaching information literacy -- the ability to find, evaluate, and use information.

New Librarian Info / Prof Development Activities / RST Goals

A new librarian with the LCC Library may be asked to complete the following checklists, readings, and tasks during the first semester of their orientation. Questions and inquiries may be directed towards the new librarian's mentor and the Library Director. 

Read all the library team charges via the Library Teams Research Guide.

  • Specifically become familiar with the Reference Services Team  (RST) page regarding the team charge, roles, and communications.
  • Look at the RST Team page for information regarding Academic Year identified goals, projects, etc.

Review the Library Facts and Mission:

  • Our Mission: The library empowers the LCC community to learn, teach, and discover.
  • Our Vision: A positive impact with every interaction.
  • Our Values: Empower, Collaboration, Inclusion, Integrity
  • New Librarians discuss your other teams' interest / involvement with the Library Director.