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Lansing Community College Library

Reference & Instruction Guide: Ethics and Policies

Policies, procedures, best practices and training guide, for reference and instruction services.

Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Reference Librarians adhere to certain behavioral guidelines in assisting users and responding to requests for information. Always keep in mind that reference transactions are confidential. Certain medical, legal, and business questions may require a response that goes beyond the scope of what a Reference Librarian is able to legally provide.

Use these tips when you need to make a decision about whether what you are doing is appropriate:

  • Bell -- Listen for bells warning you of an ethical issue.
  • Book -- Check the policies and procedures of the library and the ALA Code of Ethics - specifically the RUSA Guidelines for Behavior for something that may govern or restrict your actions.
  • Candle -- How will this action look in the light? Would a reasonable person conclude you acted properly? Consider talking to your MAHE senator if concerned over a possible disciplinary action could take place.

Food and Drinks in the Library

Food and drinks are allowed to be brought into the library by patrons. However, food and drink may not be consumed while working at a computer station.

To maintain a professional atmosphere, LCC Librarians are not allowed to bring food to the Research Help Desk.  A drink is allowed in the LCC Library purchased container.

Librarians are entitled to 15-minute breaks when they work for a four-hour desk shift. Please inform the Library Help Zone staff on duty when taking your break so students can be informed when you are available.

Collection Management

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