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Lansing Community College Library

Reference & Instruction Guide: Mentoring

Policies, procedures, best practices and training guide, for reference and instruction services.


This program allows various opportunities for new librarians to gain organizational knowledge and professional experience through structured interactions with a more experienced team member. The mentoring relationship should increase morale, retention, and professional development.


  • To introduce new librarian (Mentee) to the LCC Library staff, reference / instruction philosophy, and library resources.
  • To provide a first level contact for concerns/questions/guidance.
  • To encourage involvement in the LCC Library teams, professional development and volunteer opportunities, and special projects.
  • To encourage involvement in the LCC community:
    • Michigan Association of Higher Education (MAHE)
    • Employee Development Fund (EDF)
    • Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)
    • College committees / work groups


Matching a potential Mentor with the new librarian (Mentee) will be based on past professional and personal experiences of both Mentor and Mentee.

The Mentee's resume, an initial questionnaire, and any personal requests will be taken into account when matching the Mentee with a Mentor by the Library Director.


For Mentors

  • Act as a sponsor, ally, and/or advocate for the Mentee
  • Be proactive in meeting the needs of the Mentee
  • Provide constructive feedback to Mentee

 For Mentees

  • Ask questions
  • Play an active role in the relationship
  • Be responsive to interactions / discussions / advice of the Mentor