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Lansing Community College Library

Reference & Instruction Guide: Closed Campus

Policies, procedures, best practices and training guide, for reference and instruction services.

Definition of Closed Campus (or Closed TLC Building)

Closed campus refers to any of LCC's physical campuses and not to our online services.

Inclement or dangerous weather conditions, loss of power on campus, and other unforeseen circumstances may result in an emergency closure of the entire campus or the TLC building only (Closed Campus or Closed Building Days). Employees will be notified of such closures by either email, phone, Rave, emergency announcement, and/or by their supervisor.

In order to best serve our students and College community, the Library has put several procedures into place. These procedures should be followed whenever the campus or TLC building is closed, but online services remain active.

Research Help Desk

  • During a closed campus or closed TLC building / remote day, the Research Help Desk moves online. We monitor local LCC chat, answer our phones, and cover regularly scheduled chat shifts during Research Help Desk hours. 

  • During an assigned Research Help Desk shift librarians will  

    • Log into the LCC queue in LibAnswers.

    • Log into the Reference Desk CISCO phone (directions for downloading below).

  • A librarian assigned the regular Chat Reference shift will cover this shift as usual, covering all queues. During this time, a librarian assigned to the Research Help Desk may log out of chat. There is no need for 2 librarians to be staffing chat at the same time. 

  • Download the CISCO phone to your laptop to be able to answer the Reference Desk phone and your own phone from off-campus 


  • During a closed campus / remote day, If you have an instruction session scheduled, contact the instructor. They have a plan in their syllabus for what to do on a snow day, could be to move online or could be to do asynchronous instruction. 
  • If only the TLC building is closed, you could suggest to the instructor that you teach the class in their own classroom instead.


  • During a closed campus or closed TLC building / remote day plan on conducting online appointments as usual.
  • Librarians may consider contacting students with booked appointments to confirm that they still want to meet.