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Lansing Community College Library

Library Teams: Library and Learning Commons Lead

All the teams in the LCC Library, a description of their purpose, and a listing of their charges and responsibilities


The Library and Learning Commons (LLC) Lead Team provides a forum for Library and Learning Commons staff to plan, communicate, exchange ideas, and share information relative to services and resources within the Library and Learning Commons. Subcommittee work teams may be formed to bring recommendations to the LLC Lead meetings for final decisions.


The Library and Learning Commons Lead Team develops recommendations, guidelines, processes and procedures to achieve high quality services. The team fosters communication among all teams within the Library and Learning Commons. LLC Lead team ensures that Library and Learning Commons’ decisions are student centered and support the mission of the College.

The LLC Lead Team has responsibilities for the following areas:

  1. Evaluate and make recommendations on joint services in the Library and Learning Commons.
  2. Monitor, evaluate and take action on facilities and operations.
  3. Keep current with trends dealing with shared Library/Tutoring spaces for continuous improvement.
  4. Help facilitate ideas to improve awareness of campus academic services to refer students effectively.
  5. Plan joint events and trainings for staff, students, campus and community.
  6. Communicate all relevant updates based on recommendations of the team.
  7. Collaborate to promote and market joint services, resources and events.
  8. Evaluating the team’s effectiveness.


Members of the team share in meeting facilitating & note-taking duties. Agendas and meeting notes are available in the departments’ SharePoint.  Team meetings are optional without compensation for non-team members and open to all staff with approval from your supervisor.  Agendas and notes will be made available to all staff members.

Team Representation

  • Director of the Learning Commons
  • Director of the Library
  • Learning Commons Academic Resources & Services Coordinator
  • Learning Commons Operations Coordinator
  • Manager of Library Technical Services & Systems
  • Manager of Library Technology Resources
  • Manager of Library User Services
  • Representatives from Library Reference and Instruction Team (2-3)
  • Representatives from STEM tutors (2)
  • Representatives from Non-STEM tutors (2)
  • Tutorial Education Coordinator for Non-STEM
  • Tutorial Education Coordinator for STEM