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Lansing Community College Library

Library Teams: Technical Services

All the teams in the LCC Library, a description of their purpose, and a listing of their charges and responsibilities


The Technical Services and Systems (TS&S) Team provides the structure for the organization, control, access, and discovery of the library’s collections.  TS&S provides the overall direction, makes recommendations, and produces strategies to achieve effective processes and procedures regarding all matters involving the integrated library system/library services platform (ILS/LSP), acquisitions, cataloging, collection development, collection maintenance, and access to all library resources both electronic and print.  Additionally, we are responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and access to Summon, and the A to Z database list.  The Team will serve in a leadership and advisory capacity and address issues and concerns regarding technical services, systems, and e-resources.

The team will review its description, charge, strategic plan, policies, and philosophy on an annual basis.


The Team will update and improve all TS&S policies and procedures.  We will also ensure that all policies and procedures, as they pertain to TS&S, are clearly documented, and that this documentation is continually reviewed and updated.  All Library collections will be periodically assessed to prepare for weeding, updating, and other collection maintenance. Also, E-resources will be reviewed annually.  The TS&S Team will work with the other library teams to improve access to all resources by consistently refining the implementation and maintenance processes for all resources. 

The team will provide an environment for library staff to interact and strategically plan ways to connect the library to experts who can disseminate information relative to all aspects of technical services as well as continue to educate, distribute awareness, and introduce trends that are worth investigating and/or implementing.

The team will also create and execute strategies that will advance and promote collections and resources requested by the selectors, faculty, students, employees, college-affiliated groups and community members to ensure all acquisitions are backed by usage (usage statistics, DDA, etc.). 

The team meets every two weeks but will be flexible in increasing or decreasing meetings based on projects and need.

The Technical Services and Systems Team (TS & S) has responsibilities for the following areas:

  1. Write, adjust, and suggest policies, procedures, and workflows to improve TS&S & E-Resource processes
  2. Monitor Trends in TS&S & E-Resources
  3. Monitor, address, find, and test solutions to discovered issues and needs
  4. Suggest professional development opportunities used to grow the knowledge obtained and shared regarding technical Services and E-Resources.
  5. Test trends in Technical Services and Systems
  6. Teach staff, students, and colleagues about technical Services and E-Resources via training sessions, webinars, publishing work etc.
  7. Share information, knowledge, and new discoveries
  8. Evaluate, update and set the team goals, direction & effectiveness each year (fiscal)
  9. Seek out potential learning & teaching opportunities for staff
  10. Discuss potential improvements in TS&S processes  (cataloging ,collection development), and services (discovery tools including Summon and the library catalog)
  11. Discuss TS& S expectations, and/ or initiate swot analysis
  12. Find potential outside speakers per year can be vendor, author, cataloger etc.
  13. Revisit TS &S vision every year
  14. Evaluate goals and outcomes from previous year


Team meetings are open to all staff. Agenda of each upcoming meeting will be sent by e-mail in advance of the meeting. Members of the team share in the facilitation and note taking of the meetings. Meeting notes are e-mailed to the library distribution list ( no later than one week following the meeting. Agendas and meeting notes will be made available in the department’s shared workspace.  Facilitator or Team Lead will prepare and distribute meeting agenda to members to all staff.

Members & Meeting Attendees

Team Representation

  • Manager of Technical Services and Systems
  • Electronic Resources Management Librarian
  • Library Technical Services Specialist
  • Web Services Librarian
  • Reference / Instruction Representative (rotates annually)
  • Part-time Library Rep. (rotates annually)
  • Student Representative
  • Library Business Specialist (As Needed)
  • User Services Supervisor / User Services Representative (As Needed)
  • Representation and expertise from other departments, staff, and students (As Needed)