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Lansing Community College Library

Library Teams: Technology Resources

All the teams in the LCC Library, a description of their purpose, and a listing of their charges and responsibilities


The Technology Resources Team provides a forum to plan, communicate, exchange ideas and share information relative to Help Zone services in the Technology Learning Center Building & West Campus Technology Resource Center, Art & Photo Resource Center Services, and the new technology space.


The Technology Resources Team develops recommendations, guidelines, and procedures to achieve effective, customer-centered service at both Help Zone locations and the new technology space. The team addresses technology issues and concerns for the library.

The Technology Resources Team has responsibilities for the following areas:

  1. Evaluating effectiveness of Help Zone service point operations.
  2. Maintaining currency of Help Zone service points’ policy and procedures.
  3. Evaluating effectiveness of New Technology Space.
  4. Making recommendations for policy changes to DIT as needed.
  5. Keeping Library staff informed of Help Zone service points’ policies and procedures.
  6. Implementing recommendations for library services from the library support team and making recommendations for improvements.
  7. Implementing department goals, policies, and procedures that fall within the team’s purview.
  8. Manage, train, and evaluate New Technology Space student employees. 
  9. Make recommendations and implement technology improvements.
  10. Taking action on business referred by DIT.
  11. Monitor and evaluate services at West Campus Technology Resource Center.
  12. Monitor and evaluate services at Art & Photo Resource Center.
  13. Maintaining, evaluating, and supervising the lending laptop program
  14. Evaluating the team’s effectiveness.

Team Communication

Team meetings are open to all staff. Agenda of each upcoming meeting will be sent by e-mail in advance of the meeting. Members of the team share in meeting facilitation and note taking. Meeting notes are e-mailed to the library distribution list ( no later than one week following the meeting. Agendas and meeting notes will be made available in the department shared workspace.

Team Representation

  • Technology Resources Manager 
  • Laptop Lending Specialist 
  • Library Technologist 
  • Help Zone Support Staff