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Lansing Community College Library

Library Teams: Technology Resources

All the teams in the LCC Library, a description of their purpose, and a listing of their charges and responsibilities


The Technology Resources Team ensures effective customer service, technology lending, and technology support in TLC spaces at our Downtown and West campus locations.  


The Technology Resources Team (TR) is a hybrid team comprised of TR staff and Information Technology Services (ITS) staff. The team develops and implements recommendations, guidelines, and procedures to ensure effective, customer-centered service, technology lending, and technology support at both Downtown and West Campus TLC service spaces. The Technology Resources team collaboratively addresses and resolves technology-related issues and concerns within the Library department.

Key responsibilities of the Technology Resources Team include:

  1. Managing and evaluating the operations of Technology Resources service points.
  2. Collaborating with ITS staff to manage, maintain, and evaluate on-site library technology spaces, including the Technology Lab, Downtown & West Campus TLC, open computer labs, and employee hybrid meeting spaces.
  3. Overseeing the management, maintenance, and evaluation of Technology Resources employee and student lending programs in partnership with ITS staff.
  4. Ensuring the currency and relevance of Technology Resources policies and procedures.
  5. Staying updated on ITS policies and procedures.
  6. Keeping both Library staff and ITS staff informed about Technology Resources service points’ policies and procedures.
  7. Implementing department goals, policies, and procedures within the team’s purview.
  8. Executing ITS policies and procedures relevant to the team’s responsibilities.
  9. Regularly evaluating the team's effectiveness to ensure continuous improvement.

Team Communication

The Technology Resources team members meet in various forms of working meetings regularly. 

Technology Resources team WebEx meetings (TR Monthly) are open to all staff. Agenda of each upcoming TR Monthly meeting will be sent by e-mail in advance of the meeting. Meeting notes link and "Top Take Aways" are provided in the Library Staff Updates WebEx no later than one week following the meeting. Agendas and meeting notes will be made available in the Library department shared workspace.

Team Meetings Representation

  • Academic Technology Resources Manager 
  • Technology Lending Specialist 
  • Library Technologist 
  • Library Customer Relations Specialists 
  • Help Zone Support Staff 
  • ITS PC Technician 
  • ITS PC Tech Supervisor
  • Other ITS staff when applicable