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Lansing Community College Library

Library Teams: Instruction

All the teams in the LCC Library, a description of their purpose, and a listing of their charges and responsibilities


The Instruction Services Team (IST) provides the overall direction for the department's library instruction program. The team plans, prioritizes, and develops the instruction services offered by the library faculty to students, employees, and college-affiliated groups.


The Instructional Services Team provides guidance in an ongoing program of instruction sessions, workshops, and communication aimed at developing information literacy skills.

The Instruction Services Team has responsibilities for the following areas:

  1. Providing communication and leadership to the reference services staff regarding instruction as well as communicating instruction ideas and practices to other team members.
  2. Collaborating with faculty for library instruction that is course supportive and relevant. 
  3. Developing and presenting instructional sessions and workshops that respond to changing needs of students and employees.
  4. Defining learning outcomes for library instruction and workshops.
  5. Assessing student success for individual instruction sessions and for the library instruction program as a whole.
  6. Communicating the variety of instruction services and resources available for students and staff.
  7. Preparing and maintaining print and electronic materials that support instruction efforts and end-user information literacy.
  8. Providing instruction that supports collaboration and various learning styles.
  9. Utilizing current technology and alternative methods of delivery.
  10. Evaluating the team's effectiveness.

Team Communication

Team meetings are open to all staff. Agendas of each upcoming meeting will be sent by e-mail in advance of the meeting. Members of the team share in meeting facilitation and note taking. Meeting highlights of 1-3 bullets of interest to other Library teams will be added to the WebEx Teams Space Library Staff Updates with a link to complete meeting notes. Agendas and meeting notes will be made available in the department shared workspace. 

Team Representation

  • Instruction Services Librarian
  • Representatives from the reference staff