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Open Educational Resources at LCC: Application and Training

Learn how to find and use OER materials in teaching and learning.

OER Application

Program Update: Starting with Fall 2022 applications, there are new award categories, descriptions, and compensation plans. Departments will be responsible for compensation for OER work.

Deadlines: Faculty will submit their application for OER work to their department and should check with their department about deadlines for submitting the application. OER work will be approved in the fall or early spring semester, and OER work will begin during the following academic year.


  • Full-time faculty, in consultation with their supervisors, will have a choice of all or part of a 32-day plan, overload pay at their non-instructional rate, reassigned time, or a sabbatical project.
  • Adjunct faculty will be paid as defined in each award category.

Category I: Adopt Newly Created OER Materials

  • Compensation plan: 16 hours at non-instructional rate OR 2 days of 32 day plan OR .5 cr. hr. reassigned time
  • Examples:
    • Agree to adopt materials that have been newly created/selected
    • Evaluate materials as you use them; note what needs to be fixed or changed

Category II: Curate and Adopt OER Materials

  • Compensation plan: 32 hours at non-instructional rate OR 4 days of 32 day plan OR 1 cr. hr. reassigned time
  • Examples:
    • Identify existing OER materials
    • Review materials to make sure they align with course outcomes, rigor, etc.
    • Select and reorganize, merge chapters, etc. for custom fit
    • Adopt selected (and customized) OER materials

Category III: Revise/Remix and/or Create New Supplemental Material

  • Compensation plan: 64 hours at non-instructional rate OR 8 days of 32 day plan or 2 cr. hrs. reassigned time
  • Examples:
    • Edit existing chapters
    • Add new materials from other sources
    • Remove sections deemed not appropriate
    • Bring together several openly licensed sources
    • Create new supplemental materials to augment adopted OERs, such as test banks, presentations, videos, workbooks, etc.

Category IV: Creation and Development of New OER Materials

  • ​​​​​​​Compensation plan: 128 hours at non-instructional rate OR 16 days of 32 day plan OR 4 cr. hrs. reassigned time
  • Examples:
    • ​​​​​​​Develop and create the majority of new content for open textbook or primary materials for a course
    • Create accompanying supplemental materials such as test banks, lectures, lab manuals, presentations, videos

OER Training

OER Project