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Lansing Community College Library

Open Educational Resources at LCC: Accessibility and Printing

Learn how to find and use OER materials in teaching and learning.

Printing an OER Textbook

While OER materials are designed to be free and available online, some students prefer to also have a printed copy.

Although it may be possible to print an OER textbook, some OER materials are not well-suited for printing. If the OER is primarily a website or a textbook that has links to outside materials, embedded videos, or interactive activities (such as H5P), these features will not come through in a printed version.

Students should check with their professors about printing their OER texbook.

Printing Services

Adding Audio to an OER Book

Central Access Reader (CAR) in the Library

CAR is a software program on a computer in the LCC Library or installed on laptops you check out from the Library. Ask a librarian for assistance using this program. You must copy a chapter of your textbook into the reader, and it will read aloud and highlight the sentences.