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Lansing Community College Library

Fire Science: Fire 210 & 215

LCC Fire Science Program's FIRE PORTAL -- your Hot Spot to pertinent information!

Course Descriptions

FIRE 210 - Fire Investigation I

This course is intended to provide the student with the fundamentals and technical knowledge needed for proper fire scene interpretations, including recognizing and conducting origin and cause, preservation of evidence and documentation, scene security, motives of the firesetter, and types of fire causes.

FIRE 215 - Fire Investigation II

This course is intended to provide the student with advanced technical knowledge of rule of law, fire scene analysis, fire behavior, evidence collection and preservation, scene documentation, case preparation and testifying.

Fire Investigator Career Facts

What does a Fire Investigator do?

This video, from the LCC Library research database Films On Demand, is available to current LCC students and employees. 

Fire investigators, or "fire cops," look for the cause and origin of all fires. They must be detail oriented, systematic, and skilled in fire science. They gather facts and put the puzzle together. Arson is a tough crime to prove since most evidence is destroyed.