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Learn how to create content for the Library website.

Website Standards

Library staff who create content follow the standards below to make sure that our website is accessible to all.

What Do You Think?

Answer the questions below to find out how much you know about writing for the web. Read the articles listed after each question to check your answers.

Selecting Content

On average, users read 60% of a webpage.
True: 18 votes (31.58%)
False: 39 votes (68.42%)
Total Votes: 57
Lower-literacy users generally read webpages word for word.
True: 13 votes (48.15%)
False: 14 votes (51.85%)
Total Votes: 27

Writing Content

"Click here" is good link text because it tells the user what to do.
True: 15 votes (34.88%)
False: 28 votes (65.12%)
Total Votes: 43

Organizing Content

Underline information or use all caps to make it stand out on the page.
True: 19 votes (50%)
False: 19 votes (50%)
Total Votes: 38
Put items in alphabetical order to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for.
True: 26 votes (70.27%)
False: 11 votes (29.73%)
Total Votes: 37

Web Services Librarian

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Suzanne Bernsten
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