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Lansing Community College Library

LCC Library Value: Mission and Vision

Mission, Vision Values

Our Mission

The Library empowers the LCC community to learn, teach, and discover.

Our Vision

Impact every student, every time.

Our Values

Integrity, Relationships, Team Work, Education, and Openness

We value Integrity therefore:

  • We treat everyone with courtesy, fairness, honesty and respect
  • We maintain patron privacy and confidentiality
  • We make ethical decisions and do the right thing for our patrons

We value Relationships therefore:

  • We are proactive and make patrons feel welcome
  • We consistently seek feedback from our patrons
  • We respect each person’s need for work life balance

We value Team Work therefore:

  • We maintain a collaborative and collegial work environment
  • We work toward common goals and shared decision making
  • We hold each other responsible and accountable

We value Dedication therefore:

  • We take pride in our jobs and give our best everyday
  • We give exceptional service and anticipate the needs of our patrons
  • We take responsibility for our actions and follow through on our commitments

We value Education therefore:

  • We empower our patrons by instruction and guiding
  • We champion information literacy, critical thinking and lifelong learning
  • We take responsibility for furthering our own professional growth
  • We support professional development and share what we learn

We value Openness therefore

  • We widely share information and solicit input
  • We improve, innovate and create new solutions
  • We promote the library as a safe place for open inquiry and discovery
  • We create an inclusive learning and working environment the values people and their differences
  • We respect and promote diversity not only with our staff but in developing our collections and planning for services


Mission, Vision, Values