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LibGuides for Library Staff: For Faculty

Guidelines for library staff for creating and maintaining research guides.

LibGuides Help

Links and Descriptions

Titles of links should be the article or video title. All words should be capitalized except for articles/conjunctions (e.g. a, and, the). In the description, include information about the author or a description of the content.

See examples below:

What a Link and Description Looks Like

Link Name, Link URL, and description.


LibGuides are part of the Library website and any content added to the guides must be accessible. LCC provides resources for making course materials accessible. Guidelines include:

  • All documents added to the guide, such as Word and PDF, must be accessible.
  • Embedded videos must have captions. Videos that are linked to should have captions.
  • Images need ALT text.

Pasting Content from Word or other Webpages

Pasting from Microsoft Word or other websites

Content copied from Word or other websites will almost always include a mix of extraneous HTML tags and inline CSS styles. This can conflict with the default page styles, while also making it difficult for you to style the text yourself. 

  • To avoid any issues, we recommend that you paste as plain text.
    • In Chrome, Edge, or Firefox: press Ctrl + Shift + V (Windows) or Cmd + Shift + V (Mac)
    • In Safari, press Cmd + Option + Shift + V.
  • This will strip out all of the copied formatting, leaving only the text.
  • Often times, this yields the best results, as you can then use the Rich Text Editor to apply formatting to the text yourself.

Pasting images

We do not recommend pasting images into Rich Text/HTML content items.

  • If the content was copied from another webpage, the image will be added using its original URL. As a result, if the original image is taken down for any reason, you'll end up with a broken image in your guide.
  • Instead, please upload the image.

Open Access Resources


To comply with copyright, use open access resources or link to articles and e-books in the research databases, rather than uploading the PDF. Instructions are available for adding links at

To see if an article is available in the databases:

  1. Put the title of the article in quotation marks in OneSearch, for example,"Beyond Terror and Denial: The Positive Psychology of Death Acceptance."
  2. Find the permanent link for the article (may be called Document URL, Permalink, Bookmark URL, Record URL) and add it to your guide, e.g. 


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