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Getting Started

When is the collaborative switching to LibAnswers?

  • February 28

How do I access LibAnswers?

  • To monitor chat, your username and password is the same as for any other LibApps, but the URL to access the system is at: Click on LibChat → Connect

What are policy pages called?

  • In the LibAnswers system, policy pages are called FAQ. A library may choose to set up one page with all of the policies on it similar to QuestionPoint, or they may set up many individual FAQs, e.g. What are the library hours?

How does shared follow-up work?

  • A transcript is not automatically sent to a patron after a chat is finished. A patron can choose to receive a transcript at the end of their chat when they fill out a survey. Or a librarian can create a “Ticket” after a chat is complete which allows them to follow-up with the patron. This generates a transcript for the patron.

Can I use scripts like we did in Questionpoint?

  • Scripts are called “canned messages” and they can be created by individual librarians or by Departments (Libraries).

Where to Replace the Widget/Email

  • LibGuides A-Z boxes
  • Help webpage on Library website
  • Contact webpage on Library website
  • OneSearch header
  • Databases - ProQuest and EBSCO

Ask a Librarian

Get online research help from a librarian.

Call | Email | Make an Appointment

LCC and partner librarians answer chat questions as part of Research Help Now.

LCC librarians are on chat:

  • Monday - Thursday: 9am - 8pm
  • Friday: 10am - 3pm
  • Saturday: 12pm - 5pm 
  • Sunday: 1pm - 5pm

Setting Up Your Profile

Log into The LibAnswers LibApps at

Setting your Profile Image

  1. Open My Profile
  2. In the Title & Image box, choose Upload a new profile image beside Profile Image
  3. Upload the the Star profile image provided

Manage Account

  • Click your email address · Your Manage Account page should open
  • Your nickname will now be your first name only (ie. Chuck)
  • Profile Image should be Use LibApps profile image
  • Profile Image Background Color should be #004c80
  • Idle time (in minutes) should be 0, with no Message text
  • View Chats Individually
  • Click Save

Canned Messages

  1. Under LibChat, open Canned Messages
  2. You may create any canned messages you wish for your own chat shifts

Profile Image

Possible Canned Messages