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Library Resources for Faculty: Your Liaison Librarian

A guide for faculty to resources and services LCC Library has to offer.

Know Your Liaison Librarian

Find Your Liaison Librarian by Department

Librarian Profiles

  • Mindy Babarskis - Communications, Foreign Language, Political Science
  • Suzanne Bernsten - Business and Economics, eLearning, English, & ESOL
  • Ami Ewald - Careers, Child Development, Education & History
  • Regina Gong - Open Educational Resources (OER), Library Technical Services Manager 
  • Fran Krempasky - Anthropology, Fashion, Sociology, Psychology
  • Susan Murphy - Nursing, Academic Experience, Reading & Early College
  • Chuck Page - Arts, Humanities, Sign Language & Philosophy
  • Suzanne Sawyer - Technical Careers, Law, Criminal Justice, Fire Science & Police Academy
  • John Szilagyi - Science, Math & Geography

How Librarians Can Help Faculty

  • Attend department and program meetings to give presentations and demonstrate new library resources and services. 
  • Share and develop research guides for your program. View existing guides on the Find Your Liaison page. If no guide exists for your program, work with your liaison to build one.
  • Work with you to integrate information literacy and research into curricula, course assignments and learning outcomes.   
  • Consult with you on your information needs, for class or professional development, and help you discover the best resources.

How Faculty Can Help Librarians

  • Invite your liaison to program and department meetings.
  • Share information about your program with the library.  The more your librarian knows; the better they can help you.
  • Share any library-related needs, concerns and suggestions.
  • Tell us when you are redesigning your curricula and planning to add new courses.
  • Suggest materials for purchase to support curriculum in your area.