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Library Resources for Faculty: Library Instruction

A guide for faculty to resources and services LCC Library has to offer.

Our Instructional Philosophy

The goal of library instruction at LCC is to provide information literacy instruction in collaboration with the LCC teaching faculty so that students can successfully complete specific course assignments. Students should also be able to transfer information literacy skills to other academic and personal information seeking situations. Instruction librarians use the best practices of pedagogy to develop and assess student learning outcomes as well as incorporate techniques of active learning, problem based learning and group work when appropriate. 

Learning Standards & Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the library instruction session students should be able to:

Basic Outcomes

  • Describe basic library services. 
  • Explain resources available at the library.
  •  Locate the library website. 
  • Know where to access help.

Specific Outcomes

  • Recognize the various types, formats and location of resources available for research.
  • Explain the value in using the library resources for their research. 
  • Develop search terms for their topic. 
  • Employ search strategies to broaden or narrow results.
  • Evaluate sources for appropriateness and relevancy.
  • Describe why sources should be cited. 
  • Identify resources for creating and confirming citations. 

These learning outcomes are based on specific course assignments and the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education.

Information Literacy Lead Librarian

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Ami Ewald
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