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E-Books: Find E-Books

Find and use e-books from the Library.

Find E-Books in the Library Catalog


What is an E-Book?

An e-book is the electronic version of a printed book. E-books are:

  • convenient
  • read online from a computer with an internet connection and sometimes downloaded to a handheld device
  • available 24/7 and located using the Library Catalog
  • easy to navigate - the table of contents can quickly get to the section you need
  • searchable - search the text of the book to find information

Kindle E-Books

Kindles are available for checkout with a variety of current best sellers to supplement our Leisure Reading collection.

You can view all titles in our Kindle Library or titles from three different types:

  • Genre - works of Fantasy, Mystery, Romance and Science Fiction
  • Fiction - works of contemporary Fiction

E-Book Databases

E-books have different requirements for downloading, printing, and check out. See the Help pages for each e-book database for specifics.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries