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PSYC 175 Psychology of Death: Preparation for Living at Lansing Community College: Home

Welcome To PSYC 175

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Identify, compare and contrast theories and concepts relevant to death and dying.
  2. Describe the cultural diversity of death-related rituals and beliefs.
  3. Identify the developmental variations in the conception of death and dying.
  4. Explain how agents of socialization influence the individual's view of death.
  5. Identify the major components of health care systems.
  6. Describe the characteristics of the patient/caregiver relationship.
  7. Identify psychosocial factors that influence an individual's relationship with a loved one who is dying.
  8. Identify the factors influencing stress levels among health care professionals who care for dying persons.
  9. Identify and compare patterns of coping with life-threatening illness, including an understanding of treatment interventions and of the psychological, financial and social costs to the individual.
  10. Summarize policies and procedures involved in the disposition of a body in various cultures.
  11. Discuss both a conceptual and practical understanding of legal issues pertaining to death and dying.
  12. Identify, describe and explain forms of death in modern society, specifically death by war, natural disasters and accidental deaths, suicides and the relationship between dying and risk-taking activities.
  13. Compare cross-cultural views and personal belief systems.

Your Study Resources

Our course includes an in-depth study of 15 major topics. Resources for your study can be found on the tabs at the top of this page. Each topic is organized in the following way:

  • Focus: A MindMap graphically organizes information about the topic and Focus Questions to guide your study. 
  • Read: text resources
  • View: video resources
  • Listen: audio resources
  • Additional Resources: links to a variety of other resources

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