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Lansing Community College Library

LibGuides for Library Staff: LibGuides Help

Guidelines for library staff for creating and maintaining research guides.

Set up Your Profile

  1. Log in to LibApps.
  2. Click on My Profile in the yellow bar.
  3. For Box Title, enter your job title, e.g. Reference and Instruction Librarian
  4. For Profile Image, Upload a new profile image. You can find your photo in the files at: N:\SA-Division\Learning-Assistance\Internal-Communications\Outreach\staff-photos\libguides
  5. Contact Info - In the Address box, list your office number, phone number, email address, skip a space and list your liaison responsibilities, for example:

           201O TLC Building

           Liaison to English, Speech, ESOL, and eLearning

LibGuides Help & Ideas

Add LCC Radio Content

How to Get the Embed Code for an LCC Radio Show

  1. Go to LCC Connect and choose a show.
  2. Click on Play for the episode you'd like to embed.
  3. Click on Share and copy the Embed code.
  4. Use the embed code to add a Media/Widget to a LibGuides box.
  5. Click on Notes to find a description of the show.

Example Radio Show Embedded Widget

Dr. Robinson sits down with Ami Ewald, Information Literacy Lead Librarian at the amazing LCC Library located in the TLC building to discuss media literacy and share some tips for evaluating information as well as some of the different research that has been done in this area.

Springshare News

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Linking to E-Books, Videos, and Articles

Cutting and Pasting Text from Word

  • To paste the contents of your clipboard with formatting, press Ctrl + V (Windows or Linux) or Cmd + V (Mac).
  • To paste the contents of your clipboard as plain text (no formatting):
    • In Chrome, Edge, or Firefox: press Ctrl + Shift + V (Windows or Linux) or Cmd + Shift + V (Mac)
    • In Safari, press Cmd + Option + Shift + V.

Rich Text vs. Links

Adding Rich Text/HTML

Screenshot of types of content to add to LibGuides with Rich Text/HTML highlighted

This is a rich text. Use it to write paragraphs, insert images, and create headings. Don't put a lot of links directly in a rich text box because:

  • link checker will not check the link
  • statistics are not collected for the link

Adding Links

Screenshot of types of content to add to LibGuides with Link highlighted

Below is a list of links which were added as Links. This is the best way to add multiple links to a LibGuide because:

  • link checker checks the link
  • statistics are collected for the link

Area Libraries

Best Practices - Adding Links

The video below explains why it is better to avoid the use of Richtext boxes if you want to share a list of links. If the link is a database, you should add a Database rather than a Link.