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LibGuides for Library Staff: Reuse Content

Guidelines for faculty creating and maintaining research guides.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle via Steve Snodgrass LibGuides makes it easy to create content because you can reuse:

  • tabs (pages)
  • boxes (pages are made up of boxes)
  • links (e.g. database URLs)

However, there is room for creativity as there is always choice to:

  • link to content (e.g. Ask a Librarian - you will always be linking to the most recent version of the box)
  • copy content (e.g. copy a box that you would like to make changes to)
  • create new content

Reuse Boxes

When we set up LibGuides, we decided on content we wanted to reuse and share: A to Z Boxes.

When adding a new content box, instead of creating a new box you can reuse existing boxes in two ways:

  • Link to another box in the system: This option duplicates the selected content box, and will change automatically whenever the original is changed. The LCC LibGuides A to Z Boxes offers boxes which can be linked to on multiple guides, such as Ask a Librarian, Catalog search box, MultiSearch boxes, YouTube videos. 
  • Copy another box from the system: This option duplicates the selected content box, but is not linked to the original. It can be edited on its own.