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Nursing: NURS 201

A guide to research for nursing students.

The Nursing Process

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Find Scholarly Sources with OneSearch

Suggested Search Terms:
  • Nursing Process
  • Specific condition, disease, or diagnosis

Databases for Scholarly Sources

Different Types of Sources

Academic Journals

  • Written by experts for other experts; Scholarly 
  • Very specialized and technical language
  • Includes complete bibliographies and works cited

Trade Publications

  • Written for those who work in a specific industry
  • Authors can be journalists, practitioners, professional organizations, or academics

News Sources

  • Reports and recounts recent events
  • Written by journalists and editors
  • Easy language to understand
  • Post, gazette, times 


  • Written by journalists
  • Common language; everybody can understand and read
  • Sources maybe cited within the article; no works cited page
  • Can be published daily, weekly, or monthly formats