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Lansing Community College Library

Library Cart Naming Competition: Home

Help us name the library carts!

In the Library we have many carts in different styles that we use for sorting and shelving books. We also use them for our lending laptops, events, and more! 

Examples: Trolly Carton, Carty McFly, Cart Vader, Wheely Dan, Cart Simpson. 


How does the contest work? 

Ideas will be submitted and then voted on. Once voting is complete, the carts will be labeled with their new names.

Who can enter?

Anyone in the LCC community, students, staff, faculty, even your family!

Is there a prize?

The prize is the pride, and bragging rights that come with your name being chosen. 

Will I know if my name is chosen?

Check back to see the chosen names in April. Due to the possibility of similar or duplicate submissions from multiple people, we won't be giving individual credit to any chosen name. But, we won't tell anyone otherwise if you want to take credit for your submission being chosen. 


February 2024: Submit your best ideas. The submission form takes 5 ideas at a time, if you have more than 5 ideas, submit multiple forms.

April 2024: CART MADNESS begins. Library staff will pick the best submissions from the LCC community to vote on their favorites throughout the month.

May 2024: The names are announced, and carts will be labeled. 

Vote for your top 25 suggested cart names!