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Lansing Community College Library

Biology 202 - Human Physiology: Search Tips

This guide focus on resources for the grip strength assignment. It also contains the purposes and parts of scholarly scientific articles.

Finding Too Much? Narrow Your Search

AND (finds fewer)

Use the boolean operator AND to find articles with ALL of the words, for example, Facebook AND privacy. Venn diagram emphasizing the overlap between two search terms such as Facebook and privacy

Subject Searching

Searches for words only in the subject field.

There is a line from Subject Search to Subject headings because it only searches subjects not other fields such as author, title, abstract, or text.

Phrase Searching

Search for two or more words as a phrase by using quotation marks, for example, "drunk driving."

Can't Find Enough? Broaden Your Search

OR (gets more)

Use the boolean operator OR to find articles with ANY of the words, for example, colleges OR universities. Venn diagram with both circles shading showing the search terms colleges and universities.

Keyword Searching

Searches for words anywhere in the record.

There is a line from Keyword Search to author, title, abstract, or text.


Put an asterisk at the word stem to search for variations of a word, for example, teen* finds teen, teens, teenage, teenager, teenagers.