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Lansing Community College Library

Beyond the Book: Representation in Pop. Media

Beyond the Book 2023-2024

Discussion Questions

  • How often do you see Asians in advertising, on television, or in movies? How are they portrayed?
  • How do you think media portrayals affect your view of a particular group of people? How do you think it affects the people in that group?

For Asian American Actors, Playing a Hot Mess Is Liberating

Jon M. Chu - The Pride and Power of Representation in Film

Books and eBooks

Interior Chinatown - page 49

graphic reads: “The Emperor’s job was to present these plastic trays of steaming delicacies to a family of blond people somewhere in the middle of America, and then bow to them, while off-screen, in the shadows, a gong sounded (and further off screen, in the mists of history, you could hear the collective weeping of a civilization going back five thousand years)."

How Movies and TV Dehumanize Asian Americans - Good Morning America


Representation in Children's Books

@justforlaughs Sabrina Wu on the difference between REAL Chinese and whatever tf Tikki Tikki Tembo was 😅📕 #sabrinawu #comedy #standup #standupcomedy #comedyclips #justforlaughs #funny #chinese ♬ original sound - Just For Laughs

America Ferrera: My Identity is a Superpower - Not an Obstacle