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Beyond the Book: Charles Yu

Beyond the Book 2023-2024

Interior Chinatown - Get the Book

About the Author - Charles Yu

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Interior Chinatown - page 39

Graphic that reads: "There’s just something about Asians that makes reality a little too real, overcomplicates the clarity, the duality, the clean elegance of BLACK and WHITE, the proven template and so the decision is made not in some overarching conspiracy to exclude Asians but because it’s just easier to keep it how we have it.”

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Judy Allen's Curriculum Materials

Professor Judy Allen of the LCC English Department has a tried and true method for using community reads in her curriculum. The documents below are what she used when teaching Rising Out of Hatred and can be adapted for your own use. Judy usually has her students run class discussions in small groups, and she usually breaks books into ten parts for her students to read, as you will see; however, Interior Chinatown is broken into seven "acts."

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