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Lansing Community College Library

LGBTQIA2+ Resource Guide: Primary Sources

A guide to connect the community to campus, local, and national organizations, share LCC library resources, and provide information helpful in completing assignments.

Michigan State University Libraries - Special Collections

green circle with a white spartan head, text reads: MSU Libraries Special Collections, photo of an old handwritten document framing the green circle

New York Public Library - Digital Collections

GLBT Historical Society Museum & Archives

Library of Congress - LGBTQ Pride Month Online - June 28, 2021

Library of Congress - LGBTQ+ Studies Web Archive

logo reads: Library Library of Congress


Outwords logo, reads outwords

Digital Transgender Archive

LGBTQ Oral History Digital Collaboratory

logo reads: LGBTQ History Digital Collaboratory, a blue soundwave runs under the text

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power

South Asian American Digital Archive


reads: out history, it's about time!