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Lansing Community College Library

LGBTQIA2+ Resource Guide: Videos & Film

A guide to connect the community to campus, local, and national organizations, share LCC library resources, and provide information helpful in completing assignments.

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LCC Streaming Databases

In the search box of these websites, try typing "LGBT" to begin finding films and videos with LGBTQIA+ themes or on related topics.

Searching Tips

Before searching YouTube, the Web, or databases for videos, brainstorm some search terms that will help you get the best results.

  • Different words will get you different results, so consider all your options, and find synonyms
  • Use 2-4 keywords
    • More words = fewer/narrower results
    • Fewer words = more/broader results
  • Use quotation marks around words that go together to create a phrase or term, like:
    • "gender identity"
  • Shorten a word to its trunk or root to get alternate endings - with an asterisk * (shift 8), e.g., teen* finds teen, teens, and teenagers
  • Apply the Boolean connector AND to combine unlike ideas, e.g., lesbian AND disabilities
  • Apply the Boolean connector OR to connect synonyms, e.g., gay OR lesbian

Why US Laws Must Expand Beyond the Nuclear Family, with Diana Adams

"The nuclear family model may no longer be the norm in the US, but it's still the basis for social and economic benefits like health care, tax breaks and citizenship. Lawyer and LBGTQIA advocate Diana Adams believes that all families, regardless of biological relationship or legal marriage, are deserving of equal legal rights and recognition. They present a vision for how US laws can benefit all families -- from same-sex bonds to multi-parent partnerships -- and explain how a more inclusive definition of family could strengthen your relationships and community." -

Library of Congress - LGBTQ Pride Month, Audio & Video

PBS - Pride Month

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Them on YouTube

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Queer Kid Stuff Webseries