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Open Access: Find Open Access Resources

Learn what open access is and how to find open access resources.


Browser Add-ons

Using OneSearch

In addition to searching in the Open Access Resources on this page, such as the Directory of Open Access Journals and Books, you can find open access resources when searching the library's collection.

OneSearch allows you to filter your search results to only view publications that are open access. You will also see an open access icon listed in the search results under any publication that is open access.

OneSearch allows you to narrow a search by Open Access. This option is available in the Refine Your Search set of filters. An open access icon will appear under open access resources in the list of search results.

Price is Right Answers

  1. The average cost per title for a periodical in 2020 for college and university libraries is about $1,300.
  2. College students pay an average of $1,440 per year for books and supplies at 2-year colleges.
  3. LCC Library pays about $300,000 for research databases each year.
  4. The average price increase for periodicals for college and university libraries from 2020 to 2021 are projected to be 5.8%.