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Finding Literary Criticism: Articles

Introduction to library resources for finding literary criticism.

What is Literary Criticism?

Literary criticism is the evaluation, analysis, description, or interpretation of literary works. It is usually in the form of a critical essay, but in-depth book reviews can sometimes be considered literary criticism.

Criticism may examine:

  • a particular literary work
  • an author's writings as a whole

Definition from IPL Lit Criticism Pathfinder

Writing About Literature

Recommended Research Databases

Research databases contain a variety of sources such as plot summaries, short stories, book reviews, and journal articles. Follow the tips on the cheat sheet below to narrow your search to literary criticism in peer-reviewed journal articles.

Find Literary Criticism with OneSearch


Find literary criticism published in peer-reviewed journals in multiple databases.

Search Tips for OneSearch

  • Put the title of the work in quotes and the author's last name, for example, "Doll's House" Ibsen
  • If you can't find criticism about a specific work, put the author's name in quotes along with the word criticism, e.g. "Luisa Valenzuela" criticism

Find a Specific Journal

One Minute Paper

Before the instruction at the library, I did not know about research guides or the databases available to students. The information provided to me will definitely become useful when writing papers for English 122. Now, I will come back and use these guides.

Dexton says: I will for sure be using the scholarly articles the next time I write a paper. In the past I have been just using Google search engine to find my sources. I have a lot more confidence in finding sources now, and that's something that will hopefully improve my writing tremendously.

Joseph says: I will be more effective, for myself, in researching for solid content/material for source finding, studying, writing, and personal knowledge.

Kristian says: I liked that we used the to make sure that our articles are appropriate articles to use.

Kaitlin says: This presentation was incredibly useful in conducting different search methods in order to deepen the content of a paper. It was helpful to see all the different databases that are available. I am now interested to see what take others had on the similar pieces I am reading and will use this to embellish my work.

George says: I know how to properly find credible sources and understand better how to write my paper. Thank YOU!!

Emily says: Based on today's information, I will be actively using the research databases more so then I was prior to this class period. I will be applying more research to my future papers.

Jacqui says: After being taught how to effectively search for references for my choice of topic for my essay, I will take more advantage of the library databases. Considering that this is part of the tuition I paid for, I will utilize the things I found through the use of the data bases for a more educational and credible work.

Alicia says: I will absolutely be using all of the information on researching literary criticism and how to effectively research on databases and finding credible sources. It was a huge relief to discover that there are many different ways to find credible sources using the databases online that are provided on the LCC library website page and even a database (, that will tell you if the article is scholarly or not.

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