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Library Liaison Program: Liaison Program

The Library Liaison Program is intended to build strong communication between the library and LCC academic units and departments.

Liaison Program

Each academic department has been assigned a liaison librarian to:

  • work collaboratively with teaching faculty
  • serve as a department's first point of contact for information about library resources and services
  • select materials to support curricula

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What can a Library liaison do for you?

Visit Departments or Teams - Give presentations and demonstrate new library resources and services for programs or departments

Learn about Curricula - Learn about department curricula, course assignments and learning outcomes as they relate to the library

Meet with Faculty One on One - Consult with you on your information needs and direct you to the best information resources

Create Research Guides  - Guides for programs are linked to the program on the Find Your Liaison page. If no guide exists for your program, work with your liaison to build a research guide.

These guides might assist students in any course:

How can faculty assist the Library?

Invite your liaison to meetings

Share information about your program with the library

Tell us if you have library related needs, concerns and suggestions

Tell us when you are redesigning your curricula and planning to add new courses

Suggest materials for purchase to support curriculum in your area

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