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Criminal Justice: Getting Started

Introduction to library resources in criminal justice.


Easy access to information about law enforcement, corrections, and juvenile specialization. Ask A Librarian if you need additional help!

Visit the LCC Criminal Justice web page for more information about this public service careers program.


Topic Overview: Criminal Justice

Visit the SIRS for an overview of topics and pro/con issues in the criminal justice field.

One Minute Paper

Before the instruction at the library, I did not know about research guides or the databases available to students. The information provided to me will definitely become useful when writing papers for English 122. Now, I will come back and use these guides.

Dexton says: I will for sure be using the scholarly articles the next time I write a paper. In the past I have been just using Google search engine to find my sources. I have a lot more confidence in finding sources now, and that's something that will hopefully improve my writing tremendously.

Joseph says: I will be more effective, for myself, in researching for solid content/material for source finding, studying, writing, and personal knowledge.

Kristian says: I liked that we used the to make sure that our articles are appropriate articles to use.

Kaitlin says: This presentation was incredibly useful in conducting different search methods in order to deepen the content of a paper. It was helpful to see all the different databases that are available. I am now interested to see what take others had on the similar pieces I am reading and will use this to embellish my work.

George says: I know how to properly find credible sources and understand better how to write my paper. Thank YOU!!

Emily says: Based on today's information, I will be actively using the research databases more so then I was prior to this class period. I will be applying more research to my future papers.

Jacqui says: After being taught how to effectively search for references for my choice of topic for my essay, I will take more advantage of the library databases. Considering that this is part of the tuition I paid for, I will utilize the things I found through the use of the data bases for a more educational and credible work.

Alicia says: I will absolutely be using all of the information on researching literary criticism and how to effectively research on databases and finding credible sources. It was a huge relief to discover that there are many different ways to find credible sources using the databases online that are provided on the LCC library website page and even a database (, that will tell you if the article is scholarly or not.