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Collection Management: Assessment

This guide is a one-stop-shop for librarians and staff to learn more about the Library's collection development policy and how to develop, manage, and evaluate our collections to support student success at LCC.

Overview of Collection Assessment

Collection assessment aims to determine how well the collection supports the goals, needs,and mission of the library or parent organization. It provides a better understanding of the collection and the user community. Librarians gain valuable information that helps them decide if a collection is meeting it's objectives, how well it is serving users, in which ways or areas it is deficient, and what remains to be done to develop it. --- From Collection Development and Management, 3rd edition by Peggy Johnson

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Collection Assessment Schedule

Collection Assessment Schedule

Collection Review Type Description Frequency Date(s) of Last Review Recommended Date of Next Review
General Collection

Data-driven collection review of print books done in partnership with Sustainable Collection Services (SCS) that resulted in the weeding of about 28,000 items. 

Every 5 years  May 2012

Fall 2017



Standing Orders (General Reference)

Review of the print reference standing orders.

Every 3 years Spring 2011, Spring 2015 Spring 2018


Standing Orders (Series)

Review of the print series standing orders.

Every 3 years Fall 2012, Spring 2015 Spring 2018


Standing Orders (Law)

Review of the print law-related standing orders.

Every 3 years Fall 2013, Spring 2015 Spring 2018


Print Reference Collection

Comprehensive review of print reference titles. Every 3 years Spring 2015 Spring 2018


Electronic Reference Collection

Purchased reference collection such as GVRL, GDL Every 3 years   Fall 2016

Print Periodicals Collection

Review of print periodicals subscriptions Every 3 years


Spring 2010, Spring 2014
Spring 2017

E-Book Collection


Comprehensive assessment of the e-book collection usage (purchased, subscription, and PDA)

Every 2 years   Spring 2016

Databases/Electronic Resources


Review of the Library's databases and online resources subscriptions including software and services.  Annually January 2015 January 2016