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Lansing Community College Library Services

Library Liaison Program: Find Your Liaison

The Library Liaison Program is intended to build strong communication between the library and LCC academic units and departments.

Arts and Sciences

Business and Economics

Accounting Suzanne Bernsten
Economics Suzanne Bernsten
Hospitality Suzanne Bernsten
Management & Marketing Suzanne Bernsten

Center for Transitional Learning

Developmental Writing Susan Murphy
English for Speakers of Other Languages Suzanne Bernsten
Reading Susan Murphy
Academic First-Year Experience Susan Murphy

Communication, Media and the Arts

Art History Chuck Page
Art, Design, and Multimedia Chuck Page
Dance Susan Murphy
Digital Media, Audio, and Cinema Chuck Page
Fashion  Fran Krempasky
Foreign Language Courtney Tang
Music Chuck Page
Photographic Imaging Technology Chuck Page
Speech / Communication Courtney Tang
Sign Language Chuck Page
Theater Chuck Page


English Suzanne Bernsten
Writing Suzanne Bernsten

Mathematics and Computer Science

Applied Math & Statistics John Szilagyi
Computer Science John Szilagyi
Developmental Math John Szilagyi
Transfer Math John Szilagyi


Biology John Szilagyi
Chemistry John Szilagyi
Geography John Szilagyi
Physical Sciences John Szilagyi

Social Science and Humanities


Education Ami Ewald
History Ami Ewald
Humanities Chuck Page
Religion Chuck Page
Philosophy Chuck Page
Political Science Adrianne Schinkai
Psychology Adrianne Schinkai
Sociology / Anthropology Fran Krempasky

Other Areas

eLearning - Integrating the Library into D2L

Courtney Tang

Career & Employment Services - Career Research Guide

Ami Ewald

Technical Careers

Applied Manufacturing Technologies

Suzanne Sawyer

Computer Information Techologies

Courtney Tang

Design and Construction Technologies

Architectural Technology Suzanne Sawyer
Alternative Energy Engineering Technology Suzanne Sawyer
Civil Technology Suzanne Sawyer
Geographic Systems Suzanne Sawyer
Residential Building Suzanne Sawyer

Public Service Careers

Criminal Justice Suzanne Sawyer
Fire Science Suzanne Sawyer
Fire Academy Suzanne Sawyer
Police Academy Suzanne Sawyer
Paralegal Suzanne Sawyer

Transportation and Maintenance Technologies

Automotive Tech Suzanne Sawyer
Collision Repair Suzanne Sawyer
Aviation Maintenance Suzanne Sawyer
Heavy Equipment Repair Suzanne Sawyer
Truck Driver Training Suzanne Sawyer

Utility and Energy Systems

Electrical Suzanne Sawyer
Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Technology Suzanne Sawyer

Health and Human Services

Allied Health and Human Service Careers

Child Development Ami Ewald
Dental Hygiene Lauren Hoehn
Human Services Lauren Hoehn
Radiologic Technology Lauren Hoehn
Sonography Lauren Hoehn
Surgical Technology Lauren Hoehn
Therapeutic Massage Lauren Hoehn

Community Health and Nursing

Community Health Service Education Lauren Hoehn
Emergency Medical Services Lauren Hoehn
Nursing Susan Murphy

Physical Fitness and Wellness

Aquatics Lauren Hoehn
Fitness Lauren Hoehn
Health/Wellness Lauren Hoehn
Individual and Team Sports Lauren Hoehn
Kinesiology Lauren Hoehn