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Academic Success Guide: Academic Success Coaches

This guide is designed to be a resource and tool for those students working with Academic Success Coaches at LCC.

Get Connected to a Coach!

Academic coaching increases self-awareness, improves the overall learning experience for the student, and focuses on the developments of a set of skills that will serve an individual throughout their career and in life. The process enriches the student experience by elevating their engagement, and ideally affects student retention rates at college. 

Our Mission

The Academic Success coaching Team supports the mission of Lansing Community college in collaboration with faculty, staff, and community partners to provide individualized support, advocacy to assist our students, and further enhance those services already provided by the college's faculty and staff. Success Coaches mentor students and help them navigate their college experience in order to facilitate the completion of their educational, personal, and career goals.

LCC Academic Success Coaches

  • Support a model that appreciates diversity and welcomes inclusiveness
  • Promote engagement of students with faculty and staff
  • Develop a mindset that embraces and well-rounded coaching environment
  • Demonstrate meaningful and authentic relationship building
  • Focus on the wellness, both academically and personally, of the student leading to self-efficacy

What Academic Success Coaches Do

  • Initiate and maintain proactive individualized coaching, mentoring, and encouragement to students, keeping them engaged in the successful advancement of their education.
  • Monitor and track student progress toward completion of their goal (certificate, degree, or transfer) on a 'real time' basis.
  • Proactively anticipate and detect ways in which specific support services -- tutors, academic advisors, financial advisors, professional counselors, social service agencies, employment resources, etc. -- can be provided to assist students in successfully advancing their education.
  • Monitor the efficacy of the various coaching activities and campus and community support resources in achieving individual student success and persistence, retention, and completion.

What are Academic Success Coaches?

Academic Success Coaches are:

  • Mentors
  • Listeners
  • Encouragers
  • Staff ambassadors
  • Liaisons

Academic Success Coaches are not:

  • Counselors
  • Advisors
  • Financial aid specialists
  • Faculty advocates