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Biology 202 - Human Physiology: Get Started

This guide focus on resources for the grip strength assignment. It also contains the purposes and parts of scholarly scientific articles.

Why Scientific Articles?

What Does a Scientific Article Look Like?

Research Questions

Find Keywords

Before you begin your actual searching, you need to find keywords and synonyms for your topic. Sometimes, articles will use other words to mean the same something. You will want to create a list of similar words. For example, a database may use the term "hand grip strength" instead of "grip strength."

Search Process


Before you search or if you get stuck while searching, use a thesaurus to find different words to express your ideas.

Try Your Search

Try to find one or two good articles. "Steal" words that appear in the best articles to help you find more.

Revise Your Search

Find too many articles? Not enough articles? Use the search strategies on this page to help you find better articles.